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Compare platforms

Compare AutoCAD to AutoCAD for Mac OS X

AutoCAD 2017 for Mac software includes most of the functionality of the Windows version of AutoCAD, but with a specialised Mac interface and feature set.

Compare platforms

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Associative arrays

Command line

Multi-functional grips

Dynamic input

Auto-complete command entry


Hide and isolate objects

Create and select similar objects

Delete duplicate objects

Properties palette

Quick view

In-canvas viewport controls

Editable UCS icon

Layer tools


Layer groups

DesignCentre/Content Palette


Full-screen mode

Layer state manager


Quick select

Tool palettes

Lasso selection

Command preview

Resizable modelspace viewports

Quick properties palette/My properties

New layer notification

AutoCorrect command entry

Navigation bar


File tabs


New tab/Welcome screen


Move/copy performance boost

Coverflow navigation

Multi-touch gestures

Show palettes as Icons

High-resolution display

Steering wheel

Feature finder for help

Geometry creation & measurement tools

Parametric constraints

Copy array

Object and layer transparency

Strikethrough text

Blend curves

Smart centrelines/centre marks

Multiple hatch editing

Sheet set manager


Dynamic blocks

Model documentation tools

Table style editing

Hatch creation preview

Multi-line style creation

Digitiser integration

Change space

Express tools    

Geographic location

Autobullets and numbering

Mtext match properties

Mtext superscript and subscript tools

Caps lock detection

Smart dimensioning

Revision cloud enhancements

Enhanced PDFs

Optimised PDF output

Searchable text in exported PDFs

Hyperlink support in exported PDFs

Sheet set links in exported multi-sheet PDFs

Simplified, powerful rendering

Override xref layer properties

External reference path mapping

New feature highlighting

Solid, surface and mesh modelling

Surface curve extraction

Autodesk materials library

Basic rendering

Sun properties


Visual styles


OpenGL Core Profile support

Material creation, editing and mapping

Advanced rendering settings

Camera creation

Centre of polygon object snap

Point cloud

Walkthroughs, flybys and animations

Improved 2D graphics (stability, fidelity, performance)

Improved 3D graphics (stability, fidelity, performance)

External references (DWG™)

TrustedDWG™ technology

Image underlays

PDF underlays

In-place editing of DWG references

Batch publish

Publish or plot to PDF

Plot styles

Plot style table editor

A360 (US site)connectivity




SAT import and export

Data links

Text Align

Autodesk translation framework


DWF™ underlays

DGN underlays


Data extraction

Mark-up set manager

dbConnect manager

WMF import and export

FBX import and export

Design feed

Import SketchUp files (SKP)

Design share

3D print studio

Reference Navisworks models

Co-ordination model object snap

Import PDFs

Single-user licensing

Multi-user licensing

Cross-platform licensing

Online licence transfer utility

CUI files (customisable menus, buttons, toolsets/toolbars)

Command aliases




Secure load

Right-click menus, keyboard shortcuts and double-click customisation






DCL dialogues

Action recorder and action macros

Reference manager (standalone application)

Custom dictionaries

Password-protected drawings

Digital signatures


User profiles

Autodesk desktop app

Migration tool enhancements 

CAD standards tools

CUI import and export

BIM 360 add-in

Performance Reporting

Selection effect

Sysvar monitor

OS notification for updates

Language switching in product