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Keyboard ALT + g to toggle grid overlay

Indie-friendly game modelling tools

Create and edit the characters, props and environments you need for your game with sophisticated game modelling tools.

  • Polygonal, NURBS and subdivision surface modelling tools
  • Bridge, poke, cut, wedge, bevel, extrude, chamfer vertex, extrude along a curve, mirror cut, edge loop, edge ring, slide edge and pick-walk tools
  • True soft selection and soft modification
  • Transfer of UV, colour-per-vertex and vertex position information between polygon meshes of differing topologies
  • Non-linear deformation modifiers: bend, taper/flare, squash, twist, wave, lattice
  • Mesh optimisation with the Quad Draw tool for cleaner deformations and better performance in-game
  • Faster and more reliable Boolean operations on polygon geometry with an efficient new library