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Keyboard ALT + g to toggle grid overlay

Polygon and subdivision mesh modelling

Create and edit polygon meshes with a production-proven, intuitive 3D character modelling and environment modelling toolset. The integrated modelling feature set is built on technology from the NEX toolset from dRaster. Tools include Bridge, Poke, Cut, Wedge, Bevel, Extrude, Quad Draw and Chamfer Vertex. You can preview or render smoothly subdivided meshes while editing a lower-resolution proxy or cage.

Polygon and subdivision mesh modelling features also include:

  • True soft selection, preselection highlighting and camera-based selection culling.
  • Polygon reduction, data clean-up, blind data tagging and level-of-detail tools for scene optimisation.
  • Ability to transfer UV, colour-per-vertex and vertex position information between polygon meshes of differing topologies.
  • Topology-based symmetry tools for working on posed meshes.