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Tools for character creation and animation

Autodesk Maya features include character creation, texturing, animation, sculpting, lighting, particles, effects and motion graphics. Get powerful, integrated 3D tools on a robust, extensible CG pipeline core.

Motion graphics

  • New

    Motion Graphics toolset

    Create beautiful effects with instanced objects. (video: 1:30 min.)

  • New

    3D Type

    Create branding, logos, titles and other text. (video: 11:04 min.)

  • New

    Improved vector graphics workflow

    Import or copy and paste SVG files into Maya. (video: 7:16 min.)

Dynamics & effects

  • New

    Interactive hair grooming (XGen)

    Groom hair and fur quickly and easily with Interactive Groom Splines.

  • New

    Bifrost Ocean Simulation System (BOSS)

    Create realistic ocean surfaces with waves, ripples and wakes. (video: 1:18 min.)

  • New

    Deep adaptive fluid simulation

    Simulate high-level details just where you need them.


  • Adaptive foam in Bifrost

    Add froth, foam and bubbles to liquid simulations. (video: 8.02 min.)

  • Faster, easier-to-use XGen

    Updated workflow, presets, sculpting and preview. (video: 9.19 min.)

  • Guided simulation in Bifrost

    Drive the behaviour of liquids. (video: 6.42 min.)

  • Adaptive Aero solver in Bifrost

    Create atmospheric effects such as smoke and mist. (video: 8.22 min.)

  • Bifrost procedural effects platform

    Simulate and render photorealistic liquids. (video: 5.40 min.)

  • XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator

    Generate curves, spheres and custom geometry. (video: 6.38 min.)

  • Bullet Physics

    Create realistic rigid and soft-body simulations. (video: 4.34 min.)

  • Maya nHair

    Create hair and curve-based dynamics. (video: 5.27 min.)

  • Maya nParticles

    Simulate complex 3D visual effects.

  • Maya nCloth

    Create realistic deformable materials.

  • Maya Fluid Effects

    Simulate atmospherics, liquids and open water.

  • Rigid and soft-body dynamics

    Simulate multiple rigid and flexible objects. (video: 3 min.)

  • Maya Fur

    Create realistic fur, short hair, wool and grass.

3D animation

  • New

    Time Editor

    Make high-level animation edits with a nondestructive, clip-based, nonlinear editor.

  • New

    Animation performance (enhanced)

    Speed enhancements make your scenes even faster.

  • Parallel rig evaluation

    New system speeds rig playback and manipulation. (video: 4.12 min.)

  • Delta Mush deformer

    Deformation results are closer to original geometry. (video: 3.22 min.)

  • General animation tools

    Keyframe, procedural and scripted animation tools. (video: 1.34 min.)

  • Natural-looking character creation

    Skin, rig and pose believable characters.

  • Reusable animation

    Re-use existing characters to save time.

  • Camera Sequencer

    Speed previsualisation and virtual filmmaking. (video: 7.36 min.)

  • Geodesic Voxel Binding

    Get high-quality skinning results in less time. (video: 1.05 min.)

3D modelling

  • New

    Shape Authoring workflow (enhanced)

    Art-direct character rigs with a more complete workflow. (video: 11:02 min.)

  • New

    Symmetry modelling (enhanced)

    Make symmetrical models more easily.

  • New sculpting toolset

    Sculpt and shape models more intuitively. (video: 6.26 min.)

  • Streamlined retopology toolset

    Streamline workflows for easier retopology. (video: 2.11 min.)

  • Polygon modelling

    Model more quickly and reliably. (video: 2.49 min.)

  • OpenSubdiv support

    Accelerate performance with interactive workflows. (video: 1.37 min.)

  • UV toolset

    Create better UVs in less time. (video: 3.03 min.)

  • Polygon and subdivision mesh modelling

    Create and edit meshes using an intuitive toolset. (video: 7.10 min.)

  • Surface modelling

    Create mathematically smooth surfaces.

  • UVs, normals and colour-per-vertex

    Streamline UV creation and editing.

3D rendering & shading

  • New

    Arnold in Maya

    Use the integrated Arnold renderer to help solve complex rendering problems. (video: 1:36 min.)

  • New

    Render Setup

    Quickly render and manage complex scenes. (video: 9:10 min.)

  • New

    Additional look development shading nodes

    Shade complex scenes more easily. (video: 9:09 min.)

  • Enhanced look development workflow

    Hypershade work is more artist-friendly and intuitive. (video: 6.02 min.)

  • Colour management

    Preserve creative intent with colour-safe workflows. (video: 1.15 min.)

  • Integrated renderer options

    Choose from a wide range of integrated renderers.

  • Painting in Maya

    Use intuitive brush-based tools. (video: 43 sec.)

  • Toon Shader

    Create cartoon animations from 3D scenes.

  • Next-gen viewport display and shading (enhanced)

    Work in a higher-fidelity interactive environment. (video: 11.46 min.)

  • ShaderFX 3D shading

    Easily create 3D shading effects. (video: 3.56 min.)

  • Rendering, 3D shading and camera tracking

    Produce high-quality images with a range of tools.

  • Ptex support in mental ray

    Render Ptex UV-less textures in mental ray. (video: 1.01 min.)

  • Maya Composite

    Get a high-performance, HDR-capable compositor. (video: 42 sec.)

  • Professional camera tracking

    Insert CG elements into a live-action scene.

  • Heading

Pipeline integration

  • New

    Enhanced game engine workflows

    Move from Maya to game engines faster and more easily.

  • Scripting and API

    Create custom scripts and plug-ins.

  • 2D and 3D integration

    Take advantage of streamlined workflows.

  • Data and scene management tools

    Manage data and scenes with specialised workflows.

  • Scene Assembly tools for smarter data

    Create large, complex worlds more easily.

  • Advanced file path handling

    Quickly diagnose and fix broken file paths. (video: 2.31 min.)