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Contractual procedures, communication processes and standards can vary from one project to the next, and they’re further complicated by having multiple processes and software to manage. Simplify the process with a single platform to streamline management of RFIs and submittals to help meet contractual obligations.

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Project management for construction Manage RFIs and submittals

Improve communication and visibility into project management workflows like RFIs and submittals by managing them in a single platform.


Meet contractual procedures

Set up and control the flow of information and approvals to ensure RFI and submittal processes align with contractual procedures.

Project team visibility

Give every team member clear visibility into contractual processes so they never question the status of an RFI or submittal.

Post RFIs to drawings

Identify the location of RFIs on drawings to make it simple for everyone to visualise details when developing an RFI response.

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