Features Asset & Equipment Tracking

Without a coordinated asset tracking system, information lives in silos and the commissioning and handover process is often disorganised and time consuming. Save time and resolve issues faster with the BIM 360 Assets module. Teams can get quick visibility into project status and decrease the time it takes to move into operations all while minimising potential risk.

Key Benefits

  • Asset List Import
  • Customisation
  • Centralised Documentation
  • Barcode / QR Code Scanner
  • Integrated Field Management Workflows
  • Defects
  • Inspections & Testing
  • Mobile Accessibility

Asset List Import

Quickly populate your asset list from excel.


Easily track when an asset has been specified all the way through acceptance using custom statuses and attributes.

Centralised Documentation

Quickly access all asset information including product information such as cut-sheets, certifications, training materials and warranty documents through a centralised repository.

Barcode / QR Code Scanner

Carry out relevant inspections and ongoing maintenance effortlessly with the simple scan of a barcode or QR code from your mobile device.


Integrated Field Management Workflows

Connect assets and commissioning efforts to other field management workflows like Checklists and Issues.


Quickly document any defects or progress by capturing photos and attaching them directly to an asset.

Inspections & Testing

Easily complete any onsite inspections or testing by connecting assets to Checklists.

Mobile Accessibility

View commissioning and asset related information while out in the field.

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