Construction Health Check Are you using data to measure and maximize performance?

We recently surveyed over 200 construction industry professionals to understand how they measure success.

The data revealed seven processes that leading companies use to capture critical project information, gauge project health, and maintain quality control in construction projects.

Better yet—when put into practice, these processes also help to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Avoid downstream problems
  • Improve performance

Do your current processes give you the data you need to maximize performance? Take this free 15 minute assessment to see how you measure up.

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Gain Better InsightsHow do you capture actionable data?

Autodesk recently collaborated with Dodge Data & Analytics on a KPIs of Construction study (Dodge study). We were surprised to learn that approximately 50% of contractors do not consistently capture and review project data. That’s a lot of critical information left on the table.

While the industry overall still lacks an established set of benchmarks, the Dodge study gets us closer to a fixed standard of performance measurement in construction. It can serve as a guide for how leading companies are handling data capture and project intelligence to inform construction project metrics.

This free tool takes the study one step further by allowing you to see how you stack up against the top construction companies we surveyed. In a few minutes, you can get an overview of your blind spots and identify processes that can help improve the way you record and use information to formulate a construction quality management plan.

Whether you're a construction project executive, project manager, quality manager, or superintendent, this tool is for you.

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All it takes is 15 minutes. You’ll get a personalized report that shows how you stack up against the published standards from the Dodge study. We'll also give you pointers for capturing critical information more frequently and accurately to inform your own construction processes.

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the assessment How will my score be measured?

This tool measures your responses against the results from the Dodge study. In particular, we'll be looking at your use of key processes that companies say are most useful in interpreting performance. There are seven categories of project activities identified in the study, including:

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Consistent digital data collection is important

Gather more meaningful data

Get started on the right foot. Make sure you have an accurate and complete pool of data. Only then can you set benchmarks and measure KPIs.

Manage risk

With more information, you can better manage risk, resulting in more predictable outcome.

Deliver better projects

Use construction data to identify areas of improvement to continually deliver high-quality projects to your clients.

"The ability to identify risks across projects enables us to prioritize opportunities for improvement and reduce risks to future projects.”
Anthony Colonna, Skanska

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