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‘Reimagining success in a data-driven world of utilities’ explores the challenges facing the Australian Utilities sector and how you can unlock the transformative power of data.

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Digitisation is transforming the energy world - connecting businesses, increasing collaboration and improving data management. The new data-driven Utilities market is being enabled by BIM - offering streamlined and intelligent design and construction processes and maximising commercial transparency.

Essential business insight

Find out how digital transformation is rapidly shaping the Australian energy market.

  • The growing impact of data in the water sector

    What are the biggest challenges currently facing water utilities and how will data enable businesses to overcome them?

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  • The key to increased productivity and efficiency

    Greater capacity, increased productivity and higher efficiency - we reveal how to unlock the power of digital transformation for a more connected future.

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  • Success in the making

    With over 600,000 people spread across 6,671 square kilometres, Hunter Water Corporation is the second largest water utilities company in New South Wales.

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