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The Best of what’s next in 3D Animation Discover the best of what’s next in the 3D industry. Learn from top artists creating the next generation of CG/VFX

In this issue of “Celebrating Creativity” you’ll find interactive articles and more.

Including Tips and Tricks from leading animation experts, insights into how Bifrost is taking fluid simulation to higher levels of realism. Find out which artists are pushing technical boundaries to the limit and read insider tips on animating a spaceship laser battle using Autodesk® 3ds Max® software.

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Autodesk salutes the 2014 VES award winners

Talent and craft shine at this year’s ceremony.

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The inside track

Extraordinary CGI/VFX make Krrish 3 Bollywood’s superpowered blockbuster.

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Between Earth and Elysium

Vancouver-based Image Engine leads team creating sci-fi film’s stunning CG effects.

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