Tech spotlight

Tech spotlight

Autodesk Point Layout integration with
Topcon 3D layout system

—Oscar Cantú, Product Marketing Manager at Topcon

Intuitive design and ease of operation now available for construction layout

“What is that?” A question asked by a contractor when they laid eyes on the recently launched Layout Navigator (LN-100) 3D construction layout tool from Topcon. Unlike complex survey instruments that are more prevalent on many job sites, the LN-100 is a turnkey solution that is easy to use and less than one-half the cost of the more complex robotic optical instruments currently available on the market. The LN-100 auto-levels and acts like a rotating laser. Just press the power button and immediately go to work as the instrument produces both horizontal dimensions and vertical elevations anywhere in the layout zone. The simple setup and operation will benefit all building layout activities.

The addition of the Topcon LN-100 to anyone’s toolbox immediately increases productivity and precision on any job site. Those using the LN-100 have seen an immediate increase in efficiency as the number of points being laid out per day double (and in some instances triple) when they incorporate the 3D BIM tool. Aggressive deadlines and higher profit margins are met when Topcon 3D layout instruments, coupled with field software solutions, are added to construction project workflows.

Ease of use for improved workflows

The LN-100 introduces seamless integration and flow of project data from the design to the field. “The unit provides straightforward operation, removing the intimidation factor and reducing the learning curve in performing construction layout tasks,” said Eduardo Falcon, executive vice president and general manager for the Topcon GeoPositioning Solutions Group. “A true one-operator solution—a single person can lay out hundreds of points a day. Compare that with a two-operator team using a tape measure and paper plans,” said Falcon.

Seamless integration with Autodesk Point Layout

The collaborative efforts of Topcon hardware and Autodesk software solutions continue to aid end users in eliminating the factors that get in the way of productivity and profitability. One of the key solutions for the MEP space is Autodesk’s Point Layout software, which enables construction professionals to use BIM coordinate information in the field to deliver faster, more accurate layout installation and QA/QC. By seamlessly connecting the field to the office, Topcon and Autodesk have brought forth solutions that will dramatically impact the current workflows of our end users, allowing more precision on any job site and eliminating reworks and waste.


What customers are saying

Chris Boal, Virtual Design and Construction Manager at Mortenson Construction’s Denver office, took time to share his thoughts and results of incorporating the LN-100 3D BIM layout tool into a recent project. “While we still set control on our jobs using a traditional robot, the LN-100 allows us a one-man system to complete the precision layout process. I don’t know of anything else out on the market that can do basic layout this accurately, for this price point,” stated Chris. “This, coupled with the simplicity of operation, would allow us to finish jobs faster, and meet tight deadlines, without sacrificing accuracy.”

“In today’s competitive landscape, it’s about adopting technologies and workflows that will make you more productive and profitable.”

Chris Boal

With the wireless controller, an operator can call up simple point layout or 3D model information anywhere on a site using Topcon’s MAGNET Field Layout software. You display the design point or line that needs to be laid out and touch it, and the LN-100 laser immediately points to the exact location. The LN-100 can also lock onto a prism and guide an operator to the next design points. Regardless of the job—building infrastructure, electrical, plumbing, foundation and footings, walls, ceilings, HVAC, underground utilities, or basic landscaping on any job site—the customer has a solution that’s easy to use without sacrificing the required accuracy and performance.

The LN-100 is the newest of the Topcon line of BIM solutions, which include the GLS-2000 laser scanner, the IS series of imaging robotic stations, and the DS series of standard robotic stations. Additional information for the Topcon Layout Navigator (LN-100) is available at

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