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See new possibilities in your product

From data management to iteration, see every opportunity to innovate, create, and improve with Autodesk Inventor and Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

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Why a collection?

  • All the tools you need

    Get a host of tools that work right inside Autodesk® Inventor®—including advanced simulation, 5-axis CAM, and nesting—along with AutoCAD® and Fusion 360™.

  • The power of workflows

    Center all your work around your Inventor data with integrated CAD, CAE, and CAM. Connect seamlessly with specialised tools to create a complete product definition.

  • Simple subscriptions and licensing

    Choose between subscriptions for single-user access—perfect for individual users—or allow teams to share licenses with multi-user access.

Make innovation more repeatable

In "How to Identify Opportunities to Improve Product Performance", learn how to empower your team with techniques that spur innovation.

Speed up your innovation pipeline

See how Matsunaga Manufactory creates award-winning wheelchair designs with a powerful collection of tools that work right inside Inventor.

Designed to work together

With the collection, you get Inventor plus must-have tools for electrical and mechanical design, simulation, CAM, sheet metal nesting, and factory layout.

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How to Identify Opportunities to Improve Product Performance

How to Identify Opportunities to Improve Product Performance

Use this guide to help identify opportunities to prevent failures, extend your product’s capabilities, and improve product efficiency.

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