Transform inspections into accessible information you can act on

Prioritise interventions and reduce asset failures with Info360 Asset.

Info360 Asset on screen

What is Info360 Asset?

Info360 Asset, a cloud-based application, empowers asset practitioners to:

  • Better manage costly inspection data
  • Monitor and assess asset condition and performance
  • Create risk analysis leveraging data from inspections, GIS and other sources
  • Develop capital and O&M plans prescribing optimal asset actions

Benefits of Info360 Asset

Manage inspections in a cloud environment

Centrally review asset inspections for condition and risk analysis.


Modern water supply and sewerage system

Better understand your asset condition

Review inspections to assess accuracy of asset condition grading.


Industrial engineers work to inspect and maintain factory pipes or water systems

Transparently calculate risk

Determine business risk using the latest asset and condition data.


Workers installing water supply pipeline system

Improve collaboration

Justify your intervention decisions and asset investment plans to stakeholders.


Maximise the value of  inspections to improve critical assets

Maximise the value of inspections to improve critical assets

Give everyone access to asset conditions, associated risks, and rehabilitation plans. Read this e-book to learn how the investment you’ve made into inspection data can be turned into valuable information that helps you prioritise your plans and minimise future system failures.

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