Every drop counts

Leaks matter to you. They matter to your community. They matter to many regions worldwide facing increasing droughts. Find out how to conserve water, reduce energy usage, and improve public relations.

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Don’t let leaking profits drain you

Learn how to protect water resources and infrastructure with purpose-built technology that helps mitigate water leakage. Understand what types of leaks might appear in your network and the positive outcomes you can achieve from adopting a mix of leakage reduction strategies.

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$40 billion in revenue is lost each year by water companies globally due to water that is lost before it reaches the users.

Source: Research and Markets

Water conservation needed

Conserve water and reduce costs

Water is precious. An increase in drought conditions combined with aging water infrastructure is leading utilities to focus on reducing water leakage. Discover how to implement water distribution network modelling to conserve water, reduce operating costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

They’re depending on you

Find and fix leaks, reduce operating costs and improve water system performance with comprehensive water distribution analysis and modelling tools.

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