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3 ways connecting 2D and 3D CAD helps you design faster

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Do you have the right tool for every job?

Do you have the right tool for every job?

If you use 2D CAD but don't use 3D, too, you could be missing much more than a design tool. Working with both tools together unlocks capabilities that benefit the entire development cycle, like:

  • Automated modeling workflows
  • Easier design changes
  • Automatic updates to downstream deliverables
  • Advanced simulations
  • High-quality visualizations
  • CAM integration

In this webinar, we'll take a look at these reasons and more for why 2D and 3D work better together. Learn how 2D and 3D associativity helps you improve design efficiency, connect 2D and 3D workflows, and get more from your models.


  • Marc Sauro

    Technical Specialist, Autodesk