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You won’t believe what’s new in Revit.

More power for architecture, MEP and structural engineering, and construction—made possible by Revit 2017.

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More Power, More Speed

Boost your personal project performance. New behind-the-scenes optimizations and improvements to over 100 functions help Revit keep up with you, even with large, complex models. With usability improvements and settings designed to be easier to understand and learn for both new and experienced users, Revit helps you model more efficiently.

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Include More Detail

Create models that even more accurately and completely represent what will be built. Use new project-wide parameters to help encode and capture your design intent. Model projects of any size and complexity—including the higher level of detail needed for downstream fabrication and building.

  • Global Parameters
  • MEP Design to fabrication tool


Elevate Your Data Sharing

Elevate your communication capabilities with improved data sharing—including IFC4 support. Extend BIM workflows outside of Revit 2017. Share data within Revit more efficiently with new Schedule view templates. And document the details more effectively with the text editor and text control you’ve been asking for.

A360 Collaboration for Revit

This cloud service for cloud worksharing installs with Revit 2017.

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  • Convert Autodesk Formit 360 Files to Revit Files
  • Modernized WYSIWYG Text Editor


Visuals That Pop

Show off and communicate more about your design with easier, faster, more stunning visualizations. Add pop and depth to elevation views with one click. You can visualize every option—get quick, more photorealistic results with the Raytracer rendering engine.

  • Depth Cueing
  • Autodesk Raytracer rendering engine

For MEP Engineers

Extend Design to Fabrication

Document fabrication elements within Revit, enabling downstream detailed quantification and construction. Automate the fabrication model layout and convert design level of detail model elements to fabrication level of detail elements. Help contractors more quickly prepare a model for detailed coordination fabrication and installation.

  • MEP Fabrication documentation
  • Layout improvements

For Structural Engineers

Detail and Document Structural Elements

Connect design and detailing workflows. Improve the definition of design intent or level of detail for reinforcement modeling and documentation, and better connect steel design to detailing workflows.

  • Rebar reinforcement connectors
  • Graphical Rebar Constraints manager

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