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in Manufacturing

The future of making things


Smart Forward-looking Manufacturer

Smart, forward-looking manufacturers are changing the game.

Changes in the manufacturing marketplace are driving companies to re-think their innovation strategies to maintain competitive edge and profitability.

Deloitte Center for the Edge and Autodesk share their perspectives on capturing value and agility required in Manufacturing.

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Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is here

The manufacturing industry is facing external pressures that are changing what we make, how we make it, who makes it, and who we are making it for. Companies need to understand these shifts to stay competitive and relevant.

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Future of Manufacture

Financial Times Live: Future of Manufacturing

Learn about the innovative technology that’s powering the future of manufacturing including generative design, cloud, and composites and why Autodesk is paving the way for innovation.

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The future is closer

The future is closer than you think.

Disruptive trends already underway: products are becoming more intelligent, customer expectations are increasing, and new production technologies are expanding.

Understand the changes taking place in the manufacturing industry to maintain competitive edge and profitability.

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Lead the future

Lead the future of making things.

Smart and forward-looking companies are adopting new product innovation strategies to connect, evolve and transform to stay competitive – and Autodesk is providing them with the technologies to be successful.

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