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With Subscription you can!

What if you had a better way to create high-resolution renderings to help you win new business? With Building Design Suite 2015 and Maintenance or Desktop Subscription you can do this, and much more. You get access to the most up-to-date tools to help you get the most out of your investment. Watch the videos below to learn more.

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R2 update to Revit 2015
Experience dramatically improved software
performance and use new time-saving tools
that can impact your productivity.

Site Designer Extension for Revit
Improve communication by
conveying building site planning
concepts with realistic site plan

Energy analysis for Revit
Deliver higher quality services with
energy performance analysis

Structural analysis for Revit
Integrate design and analysis workflows
to deliver structural analysis throughout
the project design process.

How to Render in the Cloud
Move compute-intensive renderings to
the cloud to free up computer resources
for other tasks

Achieve LEED® certification with
Autodesk Subscription

With rendering capabilities within Autodesk
360 and the Daylighting for LEED extension
for Revit, you can more quickly and
efficiently evaluate the electric and
daylight strategies of your design.

Cloud Services
With Autodesk cloud services you can
design, analyse and render faster and
more efficiently, thanks to the almost
infinite power of the cloud. Many
Autodesk Cloud Services are available
to all of our Maintenance Subscription
customers, so now is the time to

Flexible software licensing
Say goodbye to versioning issues, location
restrictions, and other productivity hurdles.
With Maintenance Subscription, flexible
software licensing rights support the way
you work.

Technical Support
Resolve technical issues quickly so you
can get back to work quickly and avoid
frustrations. As a Maintenance
Subscription customer you get technical
support with the option of adding
Advanced or Enterprise Priority support,
whichever best fits your business needs.

Software Upgrades for staying

Stay one step ahead of the competition
with fast access to product
enhancements with a Maintenance
Subscription. You’ll also benefit from
more predictable upgrade costs.
So why wait?

Learn more about your Subscription options