Help with buying

Find answers to your questions about buying with Autodesk.

Shopping and delivery

Selecting an account during ordering

An Autodesk Account is required to complete an order. If you have an existing Autodesk Account, we recommend that you use the email address and password for that account. All correspondence about your order, subscription benefits, and future product releases are sent to the email address associated with your Autodesk Account.

  • To sign in to an existing account: Enter your Autodesk Account email address and password. Click Forgot to reset your password
  • To create an account: Enter an email address and password during ordering. The billing information you enter is used for your profile. Visit to edit your profile after placing an order.
  • To create a password: Enter a password with a minimum of 8 characters that contains at least one letter and one number. The password also must contain at least 3 unique characters.

About administrator accounts

The account you enter during purchase of a software subscription becomes the administrator account. Administrators have the option of using the software or assigning access to another user after purchase. See Managing Users & Permissions for more information

Here's some guidance on which account sign-in information to use during ordering:

  • Purchaser is the user: If you subscribe to Autodesk software and intend to use it yourself, use or create a personal account during purchase.
  • Purchaser is not the user: Use or create an administrator account to purchase and manage all the subscription software for your organization. You can invite users and assign products to them, or your users can visit and create personal accounts without buying software. You can then use the user email accounts to grant access to download and use the software.

Order confirmation and communications

You will receive information about access, download, and activation by email. In most cases, your products are available in your account shortly after purchase. If you don't receive the confirmation or fulfillment email messages within 24 hours of placing your order, check your spam folder or contact support for assistance.

  • Order confirmation email contains your order number. Print or save this message as a record of your purchase. (In some cases, you may receive a second email.)

Troubleshooting ordering errors

The following troubleshooting tips help eliminate errors you may encounter during checkout:

  • Place separate orders: You may get an error if you combine different product license types or terms in the same order. Place separate orders for each product type or subscription term.
  • Restart your browser: Closing and restarting your web browser may solve issues with web-based applications.
  • Clear cache and browsing data: Data from previous visits can cause problems when you order.
  • Try a different browser: If other troubleshooting options don't work, try using another web browser.

Ordering assistance

If you're having trouble placing your order online, contact our Customer Care specialists for help with the following:

  • Placing an order
  • Selecting the software you need
  • Understanding subscription options
  • Accessing your software and services after purchase

Ordering after a free trial

Autodesk software allows activation as a free trial for a limited number of days for trial purposes. Follow the instructions below to convert your trial to a paid license without the need to download or install additional software:

  1. Launch your trial software and click Subscribe Now on the trial screen or purchase online from the products page.
  2. Enter the same Autodesk ID/email address and password combination you used to sign in to your trial and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.
  3. Click the arrow next to the product name in Products & Services to expand the product details and view activation information.
  4. Use your Autodesk account credentials (i.e. email and password) to sign in. For more information, refer to: Access with Autodesk ID-based subscription (sign in)
  5. Restart your software.


Payment options

You can pay with credit cards, PayPal, Zip or direct debit. The Autodesk Sales Team can assist with purchase orders globally. Contact us

Changing a bank card

  • For an existing subscription
    Log into your Autodesk Account at
    There are two places you can manage your payment methods.
    1. Under Billing and Orders, click on Subscriptions and Contracts.
      From the list of software, click on the subscription associated with the bank card you want to change.
      In the individual subscription view, click Edit under your payment information.
      In this view, you can edit the billing address and expiration date.  If the card number has changed, add the card as a new card.
      If you want to add a new card or change to a new payment such as Paypal or Direct Debit, click Change Payment Method.
    2. Under Billing and Orders, click on Payment Methods. Here you can see all your payment methods in one place and make changes across subscriptions.  You can edit, delete or change the payment method associated with each subscription.
  • For a new subscription
    • For a new subscription, you can use a payment method already saved in your account or you can add a new card or payment method as part of the checkout process.
    • If you're not sure whether the information for an existing card is current, re-enter it as a new card.

Troubleshooting payment errors

Here are some items to check if you encounter payment errors during the check out process:

  • Card number and expiration date: For security reasons, you cannot view or edit new or existing card information after you enter it during check out. You can try entering the card information again as a new payment method by selecting Add Card. Verify that the card number and expiration date are correct.
  • Name and billing address: Verify that the name and billing address match the address on record with your payment provider. You can review and edit these items in the cart.
  • Purchase limits: Some banks place a limit on how much you can spend on an individual purchase or in a single day. Even if you have funds available, your bank may not authorize the charge. Call your bank and ask them to authorize the charge or get information about their online purchase policies.
  • Payment error upon renewal: If you encounter a payment error on your renewal please either edit you current payment method or add a new payment method according to the directions under "Changing a Bank Card".

Processing online payments

We process charges for your order as soon as our systems can complete the order and make your software or services available online. Processing typically takes a few minutes but can take up to 24 hours. Check with your payment provider for information about when charges will post to your account.

Paying taxes and fees

Depending on the order, sales tax may be calculated and charged. Sales tax charges are calculated based on your location and appear on the order review screen after you enter your billing address.

Currency Exchange

Autodesk adjusts currency exchange rates regularly to align with market fluctuations and provide customers with fair and transparent pricing. 


Exchange Rate Adjustment Schedule: Direct transactions through and the new transaction model receive monthly rate updates, while those made through an Autodesk partner experience quarterly updates. 


Exchange Rate Adjustment Caps: Exchange rates will not increase or decrease by more than 1% for direct transactions monthly and 3% for indirect transactions quarterly. 



  • Subscriptions discounted through trade-in offers such as Move to Subscription and Transition to Named User 
  • Enterprise Business Agreements 
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud products  
  • Quotes made through the new transaction model remain valid for 30 days and are not affected by price changes during this period. 


  • Autodesk’s currency exchange rate adjustment policy is subject to change. Autodesk reserves the right to change pricing at any time without subject to currency fluctuation or other factors. 


View Order History and Receipts

To print your invoice, go to Autodesk Account Order History and click on the product.

New Buying Process

*These policies take effect on subscriptions purchased or renewed after 13 November 2023 in Australia only.

Purchasing new subscriptions starting 13 November 2023

  • After 13 November 2023, you can purchase subscriptions with Autodesk in a new way. 
  • In this new buying process for subscriptions, you can purchase digitally direct from, find an Autodesk Partner (US Site) or work with your existing preferred partner.
  • Your partner will provide a quote but the actual transaction happens directly between Autodesk and you, the customer.
  • Most customers will need to set up Autodesk as a vendor to take advantage of this new way to buy. Please verify with your procurement department.

Renewing subscriptions after 13 November 2023

  • Before 13 November 2023, you can renew existing subscriptions as you do today.
  • After 13 November 2023, you can renew subscriptions with Autodesk in a new way.  Your partner can provide a quote to you and continue to be involved in the renewal phase except for the actual renewal payment transaction--which happens directly between you (the customer) and Autodesk.
  • Early renewal may be available 90 days prior to your renewal date via your partner or in Autodesk Account, depending on the type of subscription.
  • Digital direct subscriptions purchased at, with auto-renew on, will continue to renew as they do today. No action is needed.
  • After 13 November 2023, all renewed and newly purchased subscriptions will automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renew in Autodesk Account.

New subscription expiration process for subscriptions or Flex tokens purchased or renewed after 13 November 2023*

If you choose to not renew your subscription or in cases where payment has not been made on the payment due date, a subscription goes through the following stages: Expired > Suspended > Canceled. This process starts on the subscription end date or invoice payment due date, whichever is earlier.


What to expect when you go through the expiration process


Stage: Expired

When your subscription moves from Active to Expired for non-renewal or non-payment, action (payment or renewal) is required to prevent the subscription from being suspended.


Stage: Suspended

If you do not renew or make a payment in the Expired stage, your subscription will move to Suspended, which lasts for a subsequent 30 days for annual and multi-year subscriptions or 15 days for monthly subscriptions. Access to your product will be removed but you can still renew or reactivate your subscription in the Suspended stage and return access to your product.


Stage: Canceled

If you do not act in either the Expired or Suspended stages, your subscription will be moved to Canceled and the subscription can no longer be renewed or reactivated. You will have to purchase a new subscription if you need access to the product. Please note if your subscription was canceled due to a non-payment of a line of credit, you may need to use another payment method for subscription purchases and renewals and may be required to pre-pay for future orders.


Functionality in each stage:

    Active Expired Suspended   Cancelled
Product Access All functions active       All functions active No access No access
User Management All functions active All functions active Assignments preserved Assignments deleted
Downloads & Uploads All functions active Upgrades not allowed       No access No access
Reporting Insights All functions active No access No access No access
Product Support All functions active Self Help Self Help Self Help


*Please note that the shutoff process does not apply to the following offerings, and they will lose product access when expired; Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Build 500, Autodesk Build 5000, Autodesk Build Unlimited, Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Takeoff & Autodesk Workshop XR.

Multi-Year Billed Annually for subscriptions purchased or renewed after 13 November 2023.

Please note that all newly purchased or renewed 3-year subscriptions on or after November 13 will be billed in three (3) annual installments. The first payment is due at the time of the transaction or renewal, the second payment is due on the first anniversary date and final payment is due on the second anniversary date.

Switch Product for subscriptions purchased or renewed after 13 November 2023.

You can switch product when you enter the renewal window, i.e., 90 days prior to your renewal date. The switch will take effect on your renewal date. Please check with your partner if your needs have changed.

Switch Term

  • Prior to 13 November 2023, only some subscriptions can use the self-serve switch term function in Autodesk Account. Any term changes will take effect at your next renewal date.
  • After 13 November 2023, all new subscriptions and those that have renewed will be able to switch term via self-serve in account or through a quote. Any term changes will take effect at your renewal date.

Co-Term for subscriptions purchased or renewed after 13 November 2023.

  • Same Product
    • Prior to 13 November 2023 you can add or reduce seats as you do today.
    • After 13 November 2023 seats added to existing subscriptions will be co-termed and prorated to the existing subscription’s renewal date. Seat reductions will continue to take effect upon renewal.
    • When co-terming to a multi-year subscription your first billing will be prorated to the multi-year subscription’s anniversary date. Any additional billings will be due on each of the remaining anniversary dates.
  • New Product
    • If you would like to purchase a new product subscription and have it aligned to an existing subscription of a different product, please contact your partner (US Site) for a quote.
  • Extension to align existing subscriptions
    • If you have two or more subscriptions that you would like to align to the same renewal date, please contact your partner (US Site).
  • Please note the following guidelines regarding extensions when aligning existing subscriptions:
    • Extensions to align subscription can be done in the renewal window.
    • When extending a subscription, the subscription must align to a subscription with future end date. Backdating is not permitted nor are refunds given. 
    • An annual subscription can be extended up to 15 months from the transaction date or 12 months from the subscription end date.
    • To extend an annual subscription beyond 12 months, first switch the term to a 3-year during the renewal window.
    • A 3-year subscription can be extended up to 39 months from the transaction date or 36 months from the subscription end date.


When transacting a purchase that requires proration such as co-terming or extensions, daily proration will be used. 

Daily proration is based on the standard number of days per term, as follows:

  • 30 days for monthly
  • 365 days for annual
  • 1095 days for multi-year (3 years)

Please note we do not adjust for leap years.

The calculation for daily proration is as follow:

  1. The Subscription Rate Plan (SRP) divided by the standard number of days of the term will equate to the daily rate of the subscription.
  2. Once you have the daily rate, you can determine the total prorated price by multiplying the daily rate by the number of days being purchased.


  • Please note that the prorated price does not include any applicable taxes.
  • Extensions can be transacted in the 90-day renewal window.

    Purchase via a Quote

    Purchasing a subscription via a quote from a partner will be available after 13 November 2023.


    Purchasing Flex via a quote from a partner is currently available.

    How to buy a subscription via a quote

    • Purchasing directly from Autodesk via a quote from a partner will begin 13 November 2023 in Australia only.
    • In this new buying process for subscriptions, your partner will provide a quote and continue to work with you, but the actual payment transaction happens directly between you (the customer) and Autodesk.

    Watch video (3:52 min.)

    How to buy Flex Tokens via a quote

    1. Buying Flex via a quote is already available.
    2. Start by using the Flex estimator, decide on a token amount and contact your partner to request a quote.

    How to generate a quote

    • To generate a quote, you can find a new partner (US Site) or work with your existing preferred partner.
    • The purchaser will receive an email notification that the quote is ready to review. It will contain the quote number, quote expiration date, and total price including estimated applicable taxes and discounts.
    • Review the quote and click the “Buy” button in the quote to purchase.
    • Prices on the quote are valid until the expiration date shown.
    • Most customers will need to set up Autodesk as a Vendor to take advantage of this new way to buy. Please verify with your procurement department.

    Renewing via a Quote

    How to renew via a quote

    • To renew via a quote, you can find a new partner (US Site) or work with your existing preferred partner.
    • The purchaser will receive an email notification that the quote is ready to review. It will contain the quote number, quote expiration date, and total renewal price including estimated applicable taxes and discounts.
    • Review the quote and click the “Buy” button in the quote to purchase.
    • Prices on the quote are valid until the expiration date shown.
    • Most customers will need to set up Autodesk as a vendor to take advantage of this new way to buy. Please verify with your procurement department.

    Paying via Invoice

    Paying for subscription orders via term, credit, or line of credit starts on 13 November 2023 in Australia.


    Paying for Flex orders via term, credit or line of credit is currently available.


    In order to purchase Autodesk products in the new transaction process, most customers will need to set up Autodesk as a vendor in your system. Please check with your procurement department.

    How to Purchase via invoice

    • When you convert your quote and submit your order, you can select a payment option, including pay by invoice.
    • To pay by invoice you must be a business and your order minimum must be $1400 AUD. Please follow the steps in checkout to set up your line of credit.

    How to Renew via invoice

    • After 13 November 2023, you can change your payment method to pay by invoice for your renewal.
    • To pay by invoice you must be a business and your order minimum must be $1400 AUD.
    • You must have already established a line of credit during any order placement in order to change your payment method to Pay by invoice. If within the renewal window, please follow the steps in checkout and choose Pay by invoice as your payment method. If you have not established a line of credit, please choose to renew via quote which will allow you to set up a line of credit and then Pay by invoice.

    Troubleshooting Errors

    • “Insufficient credit” error
      • Your line of credit will not cover your order or you have too many open invoices.
      • Paying open invoices should resolve this issue. In the event where a larger credit line is needed, contact us at to determine your eligibility.
      • Once resolved, you will need to re-access the quote page to complete your order and pay by invoice. It can take up to 15 minutes for the quote to reappear.
    • “Past due balance” error
      • Please either pay past due invoices in your account or email us at to resolve.
    • “Email doesn’t match” error
      • Please validate that you have obtained the correct Customer Number and the correct Payer email address from your Accounts Payable or Procurement department.
      • Your Customer Number is also available on previous invoices.
      • If you are unsuccessful locating the above, please contact support to resolve.

    How to pay invoices

    • If you select to pay by invoice, you will receive an invoice from Autodesk via email.
    • Click the link in the attached invoice PDF which brings you to Invoices and Credit Memos in your Autodesk Account. Here you can see your open and paid invoices, as well as your credit memos and cash balances.
    • You can pay a single invoice or select multiple invoices to pay.
    • When you click the “Pay” button, multiple payment options appear including credit card, Paypal, Direct Debit, bank transfer, credit memos and cash balance.
    • Within several minutes after payment, invoices should appear in the “Invoices and Credit Memos paid invoices view.

    Watch video (3:23 min.)

    Returns & refunds

    Subscription orders placed directly with Autodesk

    To receive a full refund for a monthly subscription, you must return it within 15 days of the initial purchase or renewal date.

    For a refund on maintenance plans and annual or 3-year subscriptions, you must initiate the return within 30 days of the purchase or renewal date.

    This policy applies only to purchases and renewals of subscriptions and maintenance plans purchased directly from Autodesk. This policy doesn’t apply to any other products, services, or offerings. Examples of offerings to which the policy doesn’t apply include, but aren’t limited to, the following: consulting services, platform subscriptions (such as Autodesk Forge), extra territory rights, cloud credits, and membership or similar fees.

    Contact us to request a refund. Specify your preferred contact option and your order information to help us issue your refund quickly

    Flex Token Orders

    For a refund on Flex token orders, you must initiate the return within 30 days of the purchase date.

    Crediting back your card

    When your refund is approved and processed, the credit will be issued to the payment method on file. Credit card refunds typically post within 5-7 business days; other payment methods may take longer. Please contact Customer Service if you are experiencing a significant delay in receiving your refund. All access to related software and services will terminate when your refund is processed.

    Cancel Subscription

    If you need to cancel your subscription prior to the next renewal period, please use the following instructions:


    Sign in to your account at and click Billing and Orders > Subscriptions and Contracts then toggle auto-renew OFF.

    Access Software and Cloud Services after a return

    When a refund is issued for a software purchase, your license to use the software and associated services is deactivated. This includes serial numbers and activation information for perpetual licenses or subscriptions to Autodesk software. You can no longer use the software or access services after we issue the refund.

    You have access to files uploaded to your 25 GB of cloud storage for 30 days after the subscription end date. After 30 days, your storage allocation is reduced to 5 GB. Any files that exceed that storage limit may become inaccessible.