Understand your licensing environment and identify potential security risks.

Audits overview


The Licence Compliance Team enforces Autodesk’s Terms of Use and helps customers resolve any instances of noncompliant software installation and usage. We want to help all our customers optimise their software and mitigate compliance risks. That’s why your company may be selected to undergo an audit, also known as a Software Licence Review. 
Any Autodesk customer with an Autodesk product may be selected for this process – it doesn’t mean that Autodesk suspects your company of noncompliance. If chosen, you will receive an email or letter explaining the process.

Noncompliance detected in an audit

There are four main types of noncompliance that can be identified during an audit or Software Licence Review. If identified, you will be responsible for resolving the compliance issues pursuant to Autodesk’s Terms of Use. 

Nonvalid software

Nonvalid software was not manufactured by Autodesk or was altered or cracked by an unauthorised party. The installation and use of nonvalid software is not allowed and creates risk for your company from malware, viruses, phishing and other software-based attacks.

Overuse of perpetual seats

An Autodesk perpetual seat authorises you to use the product only on the number of devices for which you have purchased perpetual seats.

Overuse of subscription seats

An Autodesk subscription with single-user access authorises a single user to install an Autodesk product on up to three devices simultaneously, as long as that single user only accesses or uses the product on one device at a time. Each user should have a single-user subscription seat. All users must have their own Autodesk user ID and may not share login credentials with any other user.

Non-commercial licences – educational

Autodesk produces specific licences for use only by students and faculty in qualified educational institutions, deployment in educational institutions and on student-owned hardware. These educational licences may not be used for commercial purposes.

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What does the audit process look like?

Step 1

Receive a letter in the post or an email from Autodesk


Step 2

Install AIT and run a scan of your environment.


Step 3

Send Autodesk your inventory report.


Step 4

Resolve any noncompliance with your Licence Compliance representative.


Using the Autodesk Inventory Tool

The Autodesk Inventory Tool (AIT) is an Autodesk approved tool that is used to scan your devices when conducting an audit or Software Licence Review. For questions about how to use AIT, please contact to your Licence Compliance representative.

Uploading your inventory report

Submitting your inventory report is Step 3 of the audit or Software Licence Review process. You may only upload your report here if instructed by your Licence Compliance representative. Typically, smaller businesses will use this portal.