Architectural rendering

Autodesk provides architects and designers with the software they need to develop accurate, higher-quality architectural renderings.

What is architectural rendering?

Architectural rendering is the process of creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of a proposed architectural design. The goal is to illustrate a lifelike experience of how a space or building will look before it is built, accurately representing design intent.

Rendering of Lombardini22 S.p.A., which won the Building Design - Small Project AEC Excellence Award in 2020

Image courtesy of Lombardini22 S.p.A.

Construction site at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy building

Benefits of architectural rendering

There are three main benefits of using 3D rendering software for architecture projects:

  1. Develop design ideas more accurately
  2. Identify problems early in the development stages to reduce costs
  3. Communicate design ideas  with clients and partners

Types of architectural rendering

  • Rendering of the interior of the Autodesk San Francisco offices at One Market

    Interior rendering

    Details such as flooring, furnishings and lighting contribute to a space. Interior renderings suggest what it will be like to work or live in that space.

  • Rendering of modern buildings at dusk

    Exterior rendering

    Light, shadowing and reflection factor into the creation of an exterior rendering. It conveys how a building will relate to the environment and people around it.

  • Aerial view of city centre Khed City organised around public squares, plazas and bazaars

    Aerial rendering

    An aerial view offers a dynamic perspective that leads to better understanding of landscapes, surrounding buildings and complete visualisations.

How is architectural rendering used?

  • View out a window of the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.


    Traditional storytelling with modern workflows

    DBOX stays on top of new technology to deliver the 432 Park Avenue project, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. 

  • Rendering of 195 Broadway by Tagram 3Ds, made in 3ds Max.

    TANGRAM 3Ds 

    VR and architectural design

    Tangram 3DS specialises in comprehensive design solutions for the AEC, interior design, maritime and real estate industries. 

  • Modern dining room rendered in 3D from a design visualisation project by Stefan Lopusny.


    A fresh spin on interior rendering

    Stefan Lopusny, artist and founder of design visualisation studio Fat Tony Studio, tackles animated film with his project “In Circles.” 

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