Open data bridges collaboration

Autodesk is committed to interoperability. See how seamless connections between people and software lead to smooth collaboration, fearless innovation and an open AEC software ecosystem.

Open, collaborative and connected workflows video (2.49 min.)

Open, collaborative and connected workflows

True interoperability requires powerful software, systems and standards that enable the seamless exchange of data across disciplines, products and formats. Learn how data interoperability empowers AEC collaboration.

Autodesk and IFC

See how you can improve interoperability and collaboration.

A group of 5 people skydiving into a football stadium.

openBIM collaborative process from buildingSMART

Learn about the methods of neutral, non-proprietary data exchange through Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for AEC project teams and see how Autodesk is working to support them.

2D image of a constructed building with windows and the Autodesk logo.

The Revit IFC manual

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) are open standards for the exchange of BIM information across different software. Learn how to export, link and open IFC files within Revit. IFC 4.0 update coming soon.

What our customers say

  • 3D model of cars driving on the Autobahn.

    openBIM aligns design teams for Athlete’s Village in Paris

    To bring savings and deliver on sustainability, EGA relies on Revit and BIM 360 to support better interoperability with open data standards.

    Image courtesy of Pichet-Legendre

  • 3D model of cars driving on the Autobahn.

    BIM in the fast lane: the Havelland Autobahn extension

    Find out how openBIM and digital solutions from planning and construction to maintenance drove the renovation of a busy trans-European transportation axis.

    Image courtesy of Wayys & Freitag

  • An skyline view of an international airport with several planes parked at their gates.

    Expanding Oslo Airport with big-picture BIM

    Learn how BIM-based collaboration, including the use of IFC, was a primary success driver in the expansion of this major international travel hub. 

    Image courtesy of Nordic Office of Architecture

BIM interoperability tools

Add-ins for Autodesk software that help you to meet interoperability standards.

  • A 2D model of several blue and transparent cubes stacked on top of each other.

    Autodesk Classification Manager for Revit

    Assign classifications to multiple elements with a single click.

  • A 2D model of a yellow cub insidie a larger transparent cube.

    Autodesk Model Checker for Revit

    Check your BIM model standards.

  • A 2D drawing of a green cube with a yellow cutout inside all inside of a big transparent cube.

    Autodesk Model Checker Configurator

    Build your own model checks.

  • A 2D drawing of a transparent cube with turquoise rectangle cutouts inside of it.

    Autodesk COBie Extension for Revit

    Capture COBie data from your Revit model.

  • A 2D drawing of 4 coloured squared intertwined.

    IFC for Revit 2021

    Get up-to-date improvements on default IFC import and export capabilities.

Learn more about our partners

We partner with industry and technology leaders to bring you better, cross-discipline and open workflows.

  • buildingSMART logo

    Autodesk is a co-founder and on the strategic advisory council of buildingSMART, which drives creation and adoption of open, international standards for infrastructure and buildings.

  • Open Design Alliance logo.

    Autodesk is a member of the Open Design Alliance (ODA), which provides a platform for developing professional engineering applications through open data standards.

  • Digital Twin Consortium logo.

    Autodesk is a founding member of the Digital Twin Consortium, which develops guidelines and requirements for new standards to maximise the benefits of digital twins.

  • Esri logo.

    Autodesk partners with Esri to help integrate powerful GIS mapping data and spatial analytics into BIM models.

  • Unity logo.

    Autodesk and Unity are working together to bring best-in-class 3D authoring tools with industry-standard data formats to power immersive experiences for more efficient workflows.

  • NVIDIA logo.

    Autodesk and NVIDIA are working together to bring Autodesk’s broad suite of design software to NVIDIA’s Omniverse for real-time collaboration in a virtual 3D environment.

Autodesk’s API platform

Tap the power of Autodesk’s API Platform through Forge, the Autodesk App Store and the Autodesk Developer Network.

  • A woman sitting at a desk working with Autodesk software on her computer.

    Autodesk Forge

    Forge is a cloud-based developer platform from Autodesk that allows users to customise workflows with access to data from Autodesk models.

  • An abstract 3D design with shapes and light.

    The Autodesk App Store

    The Autodesk App Store is a marketplace provided by Autodesk that makes it easy to find and acquire third-party plug-ins and solutions.

  • A worms eye view of a circular structure with talls beams and windows.

    The Autodesk Developer Network

    The Autodesk Developer Network helps software developers leverage proven tools and technologies to extend Autodesk products and technologies.