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Raising the bar for quality 3D content

Global demand for high-quality entertainment – whether a bingeable TV series, a game you can get lost in for hours or an immersive virtual experience – is exploding. To meet this growing demand and deliver beautiful work on time, you need powerful 3D tools and workflows in your pipeline.

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Magic: The Gathering Ikoria animation with warrior and beast

Revolutionise your creative process

Drawing from our experience collaborating with industry leaders, we are investing in advancing open data standards and innovation so you can continuously revolutionise your creative storytelling techniques. Industry innovation means you stay ahead of the ever-growing standards.

Magic: The Gathering Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Image courtesy of Axis Studios

Investing in next-gen media and entertainment technology

Our commitment to innovation inspires our investment in cutting-edge technologies.

  • Starry night sky with purple clouds

    Visual programming

    Bifrost makes it possible to create incredibly detailed simulations using visual programming.

    Image courtesy of Bruce Lee

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    Open standards

    Open standards like USD in Maya and 3ds Max help studios optimise workflows and collaborate seamlessly between facilities.

    Image courtesy of Bartosz Domiczek

  • Snowy scene with cottage overlooking bay

    Cloud collaboration

    Powerful production management tools in Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) enable studios to effectively manage their budgets and resources – even as variables change.

    Image courtesy of Miłosz Cieślikowski Ryczko

  • Man and woman holding lanterns in space backdrop

    Machine learning

    AI-powered tools in Flame automate complex compositing and retouching tasks, so you can focus on creative efforts.

    ‘Skyworth’, directed by Eli Sverdlov. Image courtesy of The-Artery

How studios tackle growing complexity

  • Back-to-back man and woman in cityscape


    “We had to create complex visual effects with a lot of details in such a limited period… [Using Bifrost for Maya], we were able to create this imaginary scene and make it more realistic than reality itself.” – Jeon Byeong-geun, Lead Character TD

    Image courtesy of Westworld

  • Close-up of snarling animated beast

    Axis Studios

    “When you’re met with the challenge of a tiger that’s got wings or a giant centipede with a toothy maw, you need to start looking at things outside the box.” – Will Pryor, Head of Rigging & Creature FX

    Image courtesy of Axis Studios

  • Flat with Sydney Opera House in background

    Binyan Studios

    “It’s an extremely gratifying process, developing a flat architectural sketch into a full 3D rendering that is iconic, emotive and makes the client say, 'Wow!'” – Andrei Dolnikov, Founder and CEO

    Image courtesy of Binyan Studios

Creatives across disciplines rely on Autodesk tools

Explore the different types of projects Autodesk software can be used for.

  • Woman wearing headphones painting in spaceship

    3D animation

    Bring complex CG characters and worlds to life for animated shows and feature films.

    Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas

  • Two abstract blobs: orange smoke and pink clay

    Visual effects

    Combine live-action footage and visual effects to create realistic characters, environments and objects.

  • Teammates smiling in front of office computer

    Game development

    Create expansive worlds, realistic characters and immersive experiences that delight game players.

    Image courtesy of Splash Damage

  • Rendering of brutalist modern white house


    Produce beautiful architectural designs, customised interiors and photorealistic product renderings.

    Image courtesy of Serkan Celik

Stories of industry innovation

  • Marvel Studios logo on red background

    Marvel Studios

    Adapting to our new virtual normal

    Learn about Marvel Studios’ transition to a virtual studio and how Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) helped the team keep their boldest projects on track.

    Logo courtesy of Marvel Studios

  • Close-up of Peaky Rhino character

    Rodeo FX

    Harnessing the power of rigging in Maya

    Follow along as Rodeo FX’s lead rigger, Mathias Røyrvik, puts Maya’s latest rigging tools to the test on his Peaky Rhino character.

    Image courtesy of Damien Guimoneau

  • Split image: grayscale warriors on left, fiery waterfront on right

    Thomas berg

    Recreating the past using visual effects

    Experience the Viking Age and the 18th and 20th centuries with this epic breakdown by 3D generalist and animator Thomas Berg.

    Image courtesy of Thomas Berg