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What AutoCAD Architecture users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using AutoCAD Architecture software, the version of AutoCAD software for architects.

Benoy Architects: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

"A notable building begins with a concept. Our concept took shape as a 3D model that guided the whole project through construction. Autodesk solutions helped us to develop the concept and drive the project to completion efficiently." —Mike Lewis, Middle East Director, Benoy

 Benoy Architects customer story

Whitney Architects, Inc.

"AutoCAD Architecture makes it easier for all project team members to work together. It's much more intuitive and less tedious [than our old CAD application]. Our drawings are much better now, not only because the quality control process is easier, but also because the interface with all of our consultants and clients is easier and more exact. As a result, we save time on projects—and make more profit." —Stephen Bures, AIA, President, Whitney Architects, Inc.

 Whitney Architects, Inc. customer story

Dreamspell Design Limited

"As an established AutoCAD user, I found AutoCAD Architecture simple to pick up and enjoyable to use. Now I am proud of what I can produce with it.” —David Chaddock, Chartered Architectural Technologist

 Dreamspell customer story

Preble High School

"Making sure students learn relevant skills is the reason we chose Autodesk. By having students learn on Autodesk products, I know they'll have the skills that employers are looking for." —Jeremie Meyer, Instructor, Preble High School, Green Bay, Wisconsin

 Preble High School customer story

Mercedes Homes

"AutoCAD Architecture has enabled us to reduce the time it takes us to go from conceptual design to a complete set of construction documents by 30 percent." —Tim Frost, Vice President of Product Development, Mercedes Homes

 Mercedes Homes customer story

Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.

"AutoCAD Architecture is much more than just a design tool. We see it as a partner in the work that we do." —Bill Chomik, Principal, Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.

 Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. customer story