Autodesk Tandem for AEC with BIM Collaborate Pro

Transform with digital twin software

Enhance AEC project delivery with Tandem for AEC

What is Tandem for AEC?

Autodesk Tandem for AEC is a cloud-based digital twin software solution available with a subscription to BIM Collaborate Pro that enables AEC firms to:

  • Build, deliver and maintain digital twins.

  • Visualise building systems in context to spaces.

  • Measure performance of design decisions post-handover.

Tandem for AEC overview (video: 3:35 mins)

Why use Autodesk Tandem for AEC?

Expand to new opportunities

Offer new services such as building, delivering and maintaining digital twins for client operations.

Strengthen relationships with clients

Improve exchange and visibility of data and reduce defects through a digitised handover.

Gain performance insights

Gather performance feedback on decisions made during the design-engineering process.


Quick and repeatable twin building

Asset information model

Structure data in a meaningful way. Use industry-standard classification systems to specify your asset breakdown structure or define your classification scheme.

Facility templates

Establish a repeatable process for building digital twins. Structure data and drive consistency. Choose templates from our library or customise your own to use across multiple facilities.

Parameter library

Engineer your data for maximum value. Define the properties of your digital twin to ensure that it’s an accurate representation of the facility and aligns with the desired outcomes. Use standard and custom parameters to quickly import the data of interest from existing Revit files.

Tag assets

Manage asset data with Tandem digital twin software. Quickly locate or update the data and documentation for your assets and make everyday management and maintenance tasks simple and straightforward. (video: 1:44 min.)

Video: Demo of assets panel in Autodesk Tandem

Document linking

Link assets to necessary documentation such as operations and maintenance manuals, warranties, product data sheets, laser scans and more. (video: 1:40 min.)

Video: Demo of document linking in Autodesk Tandem


Review and manage all data associated with a building’s spaces with the help of a dedicated list of rooms and levels. Visualise by level, show all associated assets or see trends in stream data to make well-informed operational decisions. (video: 1:45 min.)

Video: Demo of spaces panel in Autodesk Tandem

Import BIM data 

Source project with data from Autodesk Docs through its integration with Tandem for AEC or manually import IFC and Revit models.

Understand building systems through context


Connect IoT and BMS data to the digital twin to understand the building operations via heatmaps applied to spaces and systems and through times-series charts. Apply thresholds to create quick insights and alerts on system performance.


Create a traceable network of building systems. Combine 3D BIM models with automation to mirror a building’s distribution systems, visualise networks and correct breaks. Move upstream or downstream through a system to see assets in context and understand the spaces they serve.

System tracing

Visualise and understand systems in context. System tracing simplifies the navigation of complex models by automatically illustrating the path and elements within a system.

Navigate data quickly

Global search

In Tandem digital twin software, quickly locate documents, assets by type, specific assets, spaces, saved views and dashboards. (video: 1:26 min.)

Video: Demo of digital twin search feature in Autodesk Tandem


Quickly isolate data down to what you need by leveraging the filters panel. (video: 3:00 mins)

Video: Demo of Autodesk Tandem filters


Break down immense datasets into simple views in seconds. Filter, colour and save your 3D visualisations of the twin based on data. Prepare dedicated subsets of data for capture, verify workflows and curate your views to see only what’s relevant.


Get a comprehensive view of your facility’s data in a familiar table format. With bulk imports, easy editing, and simple search and filter functionality, it’s quick and easy to navigate or reconfigure. (video: 2:17 mins)

Video: Demo of properties and inventory in Autodesk Tandem

Manage the twin building process


Speed up the twin building process with dashboards by viewing the completeness of your asset data in charts. (video: 1:20 min.)

Video: Demo of data dashboard in Autodesk Tandem


Keep an eye on every change that’s made to your digital twin with a comprehensive log of its users and their respective edits. (video: 1:09 min.)

Video: Demo of digital twin history in Autodesk Tandem

Manage teams and usage

Administrators can manage team members and permissions levels and track your use of Tandem across an organisation. (2:00 mins)

Video: Manage overview for Autodesk Tandem

Facility transfer

Once the digital twin is complete, Autodesk Tandem allows the ability to transfer the twin to the facility owner.

Video: How Windover Construction solved the handover gap from construction to facilities management

“The AutoCAD LT solution gives us the functionality we need at a price point we can afford. lorem ipsum dolor sit lorem ipsum dolor sit lorem ipsum dolor sit”

– Matt Brownfield, Director, Nteractive Consulting & Events

Explore essential workflows for Tandem for AEC

Video: Demo of specifying data requirements process

Specify data requirements

Create facility templates with custom classifications and parameters to structure FM data.


Video: Setting up a connection in Autodesk Tanem

Create connections for streams

Set up connections in Tandem streams, assign parameters and map data for visualising facility operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tandem for AEC used for?

Tandem for AEC is used for the creation, delivery and maintenance of a digital twin. 

Who uses Tandem for AEC?

Tandem for AEC serves a broad spectrum of professionals within AEC firms, including project managers, architects/designers, engineers, contractors and construction managers, VDC managers and BIM managers. It caters to their specific needs and roles in the project lifecycle.

What are the available data centre options for your Tandem for AEC?

Tandem for AEC is supported on the US data centre only.

How much does a Tandem for AEC subscription cost?

Tandem for AEC is offered as an entitlement with subscriptions for BIM Collaborate Pro, so you will have access to Tandem for AEC as part of your subscription to BIM Collaborate Pro. For EBA customers, it is a standalone offering that you can request to be made available under your Token Flex agreement.