Buzzsaw is no longer available for purchase.

As of 7 October 2016, Autodesk is terminating the sale of Buzzsaw® and Buzzsaw® Professional to new customers.

We offer several platforms that make it easy to store, coordinate and share project information. If you’re an architect or engineer working on design projects through various review cycles, consider BIM 360 Team (US site) and Collaboration for Revit (US site). If you’re a construction professional seeking a more structured document management solution with advanced permission controls, consider BIM 360 Docs (US site).

Continued support for Buzzsaw

Current customers can continue to receive support for Buzzsaw.

Visit Buzzsaw support

Consider these alternative products.

BIM 360 Team — A cloud-based collaboration tool that lets architects, engineers and project stakeholders work together in one central workspace, using a web browser or mobile device. Learn more (US site)

BIM 360 Docs — A web service that ensures that the entire project team is building from the correct version of documents, plans and models. Save time, reduce risk and mitigate errors in construction projects. Learn more (US site)

Collaboration for Revit — A subscription service that works with Revit to connect building project teams with centralised access to BIM project data in the cloud. Learn more (US site)