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High-end tools for visual FX finishing

Flame® software provides tools for 3D compositing, visual fx and editorial finishing. Get the tools you need in an integrated creative environment.

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    3D visual effects

  • GMask tracer New

    Quickly create sophisticated composites using a lightweight spline-based shape tool with integrated chroma keying tools. Flame now includes the most requested features:

    • Widgets in context
    • A hotkey to select all vertexes
    • More output passes 
    • Live Preview view and Matchbox Camera FX are available in GMask Tracer, enabling Matte processing directly in the node.
  • Context-based Flame Desktop workflow New

    Use Batch reel groups, a better versioning workflow and multi-Batch in the Flame Desktop for a context-based workflow that connects all the areas in the desktop: the timeline, Batch and reels. Choose whichever toolset is right for the task during visual effects finishing and look development for a faster path to completion.

  • Action 3D compositing environment New

    Create visual effects, correct image problems, add lighting effects to 3D composites and more, with a range of effects creation tools in Action. Gain the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects. GPU-accelerated performance helps you to work faster to create visual effects as you blend.

  • Batch procedural compositing New

    Batch, a node-based procedural compositing environment that features the Flame creative toolset, is tightly integrated with the timeline and Flame Desktop. Increase your efficiency with a better workflow and faster performance when building composites in Batch.

  • Media management, import/export and publishing New

    Flame now provides more support for more formats, enabling better media management. 

  • Conform Timeline (enhanced) New

    Get Connected/Conform Timeline enhancements.

  • Matchbox Camera FX New

    Get Autodesk Stingray Algorithms (US site) depth of field, ambient occlusion and reflections. Enhancements include Action, Flame's 3D scene environment, with new scene-based Matchbox Camera FX to bring a suite of physical and creative in-camera Digital FX processing and look development tools. Offers Stingray (US site) technology for high-performance rendering abilities.


  • Lightbox and Matchbox Action tools

    Expertly composite and create visual effects with new look development tools and improved colour management. The new Lightbox and the addition of Matchbox in Action enables you to use GPU-accelerated GLSL shaders to solve artistic challenges right where they occur - in the 3D compositing environment. Improved colour management provides more precision when developing looks.

  • Better interactivity

    Improve interactive performance during client-attend sessions with better proxy handling, Reactor 3.0 for faster rendering in Action and foreground export.

  • Post-production management works with Shotgun

    With a subscription to the Shotgun collaboration service, you can more easily integrate Flame with other tools in your facility's post-production pipeline.

  • Batch improvements

    Navigate schematics, access node information and handle node inputs that have different bit-depths, with several improvements in Batch and BFX that are based on user feedback. 

  • Planar tracking

    Expertly and easily track perspective changes with the versatile, high-performing Planar Tracker. Streamlined for forward and backward analysis, quick deletion of keyframes, quick reference updates and automatic extrapolation, the Planar Tracker works in a way that is similar to the Stabilizer and is available in common Action objects (GMask, Perspective Grid and Axis).

  • 3D visual effects and compositing tools

    Perform 3D compositing as fast as 2D with exceptional speed and an interactive workflow. Get a broad range of innovative tools for 3D visual effects, compositing and advanced graphics within a tightly integrated creative environment.

  • Unparalleled performance

    Access unique workflows, creative tools, interactivity and processing power for every project. Interactivity and playback performance in Action, Batch and the timeline is accelerated by Reactor, a 16-bit floating point GPU.

  • End-to-end 4K workflow

    Flame now offers an end-to-end 4K and Ultra HD workflow to help with your most challenging projects.

  • Flame Desktop

    Use the highly responsive visual environment of the Flame Desktop to perform faster experimentation and development of your creative ideas. The Flame Desktop features tight integration between the desktop reels, the timeline and the Batch procedural compositing environment.

  • Modern colour management

    More easily mix footage from digital cinema cameras, film scans and video with support for ACES, the Academy Colour Encoding System 16-bit format. The optimised, floating-point colour-processing engine in Flame uses the Academy/ASC colour transform format and provides the colour transforms needed to convert between the ACES reference colour space and a wide variety of input and output devices. 

  • Stereoscopic 3D finishing

    Take on finishing challenging stereoscopic 3D (S3D) post-production projects. For true 3D visual effects, Flame helps you to deliver S3D projects faster.

  • Workflow with 3D

    Use CG assets in finishing via open workflows with 3D animation software (US site) and make changes in post when speed and interactivity are essential.

    Editorial workflow

  • Connected conform New

    Get a unified media management approach to share, sort and sync media across multiple sequences. Users can finish faster in Flame and Flare. Abilities include: Shared Sources, Source Sequence, Shots Sequence, Shared Segment Syncing and Smart Replace.

  • New camera and format support New

    Gain extended support for the latest cameras and formats with Flame 2017.

  • Workflow improvements New

    Better support creativity with an extensive editorial toolset in Batch FX and Reel Groups on the desktop. 

  • Unified approach to media management New

    Designed for faster browsing and easier organisation, the new MediaHub consolidates media management tools into a single area. The MediaHub helps you more easily browse, search, organise, import and export multiple files at once, resize and apply lookup tables (LUTs) to files on import, and apply presets from one central location.

  • Faster conforming New

    Access an extensive set of conforming and troubleshooting tools in a single task-based area for faster creation of multi-layer timelines. With tight integration between the timeline, event list and media, you can relink faster, troubleshoot more effectively and aggregate the final timeline more efficiently.

  • GPU accelerated debayering

    Provides real-time GPU-accelerated debayering of RED and ARRIRAW source media when using high-performance NVIDIA K6000 or M6000 graphics cards.

  • Full timeline creative workflow

    Oversee projects, easily create consistent looks and correctly match graded and 3D VFX shots to editorial intention using the redesigned timeline. Supported by Reactor, the GPU-driven pipeline, the timeline provides greater interactivity and effects workflow. 

  • Audio tools

    Access a full set of timeline-based audio editing and processing tools. Audio tools include real-time playback of up to 32 audio tracks and segment-based audio soft effects for full audio editing and mixing abilities.