Features for Flare

Expand 3D digital compositing abilities

Expand your digital compositing abilities with Flare™ software. Includes tools for 3D compositing, tracking, text, masking, keying and relighting. Get started with Flare without already owning Flame.


Note: Exclusively available to Flame and Flame Premium customers.

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  • Expanded creative capacity

    Flare is based on the Flame creative toolset, including Batch node-based compositing and the Action 3D layer-based compositing environment. With the addition of one or more Flare chainages, you can expand your creative capacity to handle more shots in a project and build a more efficient 3D finishing post-production pipeline.

  • Speed turnaround

    Expand your creative abilities in a collaborative, Flame-based process.

  • More digital compositing power

    Access more tools, more workflow options and more of the professional and creative advantages that Flame brings through Flare software. Flare can help you to speed up visual effects creation, providing more artists access to the familiar creative environment of Flame. Flare provides another point of access to the Flame creative tools you already use for visual effects creation and look development.

  • Scalable, flexible access

    Easily and cost-effectively add more Flare licences to add compositing power to your finishing pipeline. With new, more flexible licensing options, you can add extra creative licences to increase creative throughput in your facility. Install Flare on a variety of workstations, including hardware previously used for Flame, as well as access Flame creative tools when and where you need them with Flare floating licences.

  • Collaboration tools

    Flame products can share projects and perform a variety of tasks concurrently for faster turnaround. Facilities can better manage workloads by distributing tasks to different Flame products. Interoperability between the Flame products enables artists to work in individual workspaces within the same project and publish media to shared libraries.