Automated nesting software transforms sheet and plate-based fabrication

Fusion delivers a modern, cloud-connected CAD/CAM solution that helps fabricators streamline the production of parts in wood and metallic sheets and plates.

Fusion integrated CAD/CAM streamlines fabrication (video: 2:23 min)

Meet the future of sheet-based fabrication

Autodesk Fusion is next-generation, integrated CAD/CAM software that automates the design, programming and manufacture of parts from sheet-based stock.

With Fusion, you can:

  • Speed up design and production with associative CAD/CAM
  • Convert 3D assemblies into 2D nests with ease
  • Compare different nest solutions to maximise yield and reduce waste
  • Share best practises using cloud-enabled, material-specific templates
  • Create high-quality NC code for routers, waterjet, laser and plasma cutters
  • Only pay for what you need, when you need it

We're here to help your business grow

Built on more than 40 years of innovation, Fusion provides advanced CAD/CAM tools to automate the design and production of parts from sheet and plate. Automated workflows and a modern user experience shorten learning curves, helping your team to become productive and profitable sooner. Fusion connects your data, your teams and your processes to make critical decisions faster, helping your business to succeed.


Let's talk about how Fusion can help your fabrication teams shorten project delivery times, increase yield and reduce waste.