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Case studies

What InfraWorks users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using InfraWorks civil infrastructure design software.

Cole Engineering: Expediting detailed infrastructure designs

This C$150-million water distribution project for a Canadian regional municipality involved the design and construction of about 40 kilometres of pipeline. The first challenge for the Cole Engineering Group emerged when the client took a year off the schedule for the first design segment. But they were ready. 

 Cole Engineering customer story

Multiconsult AS: Bringing transportation plan to life

Multiconsult uses InfraWorks to aggregate a single data-rich model and develop preliminary design alternatives and visualisations in the context of existing environments.

 Multiconsult customer story

Video: TC Engenharia carriageway project

View video (1.04 min.)

TC Engenharia: Delivering complex proposal quickly

A roadway project in Brazil involved approximately 16 kilometres of highway, including 5 overpasses. Soethe Cursino Engenharia provided engineering services using AutoCAD Civil 3D and InfraWorks to develop a single model that included the existing road and multiple design options for the new road and each overpass.

Video: SCODI assessment project

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SCODI: Moving beyond traditional work methods

InfraWorks speeds feasibility study and transforms the assessment process, helping team members communicate the project, find issues and make changes quicklysomething not possible with traditional work methods.

Video: VTN Consulting

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VTN Consulting: Building a city model above and below ground

To support its facility management, urban planning and development efforts, the City of Las Vegas is working with VTN Consulting to create an intelligent 3D model, including roadways, buildings and utility and telecommunication networks.

planIng: Visualising and analysing future growth

When the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden faced the challenge of encouraging economic growth without disturbing the area's rural character and scenic vistas, they turned to planIng, an urban planning firm that was able to illustrate the impact of growth in the context of the built environment. 

 planIng customer story