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Architectural design

What Revit users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using Revit to help streamline their working processes.

Shanghai Tower: Rising to new heights with BIM

Set to be the world's second tallest building, the Shanghai Tower showcases the use of BIM solutions to enable design, construction and ultimately, facility management.

"Revit provided a common platform for our design partners, giving the team a more accurate representation and deeper understanding of the project."
—Jun Xia, Principal and Regional Design Director, Gensler

 Shanghai Tower customer story

Botswana Innovation Hub: Fuelling further innovation

The Botswana Innovation Hub, a 350,000-square-feet office and research centre in Gabarone, Botswana, will offer the most up-to-date facilities for research and technology work in the country.

"Revit software was our primary design tool. It helped us to explore ideas and engage with the design team and the architectural community in Botswana in ways that advanced the vision of the project."
—William Sharples, Principal, SHoP Architects

 SHoP Architects customer story

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital: Design discipline integration

In this story, WASA/Studio An outlines how it addressed the complexity of the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Centre's Life Recovery Centre in New York City, including their approach on integrating design disciplines with the help of Revit.

"Above ground change orders for the project were less than one-tenth of one percent. And the analysis for energy consumption reduction demonstrated that we exceeded ASHRAE 90.1 minimum standards for energy consumption by approximately 40 percent."
—Harry Spring, P.E., LEED AP. Senior Managing Partner, WASA/Studio A

 WASA/Studio A customer story

Baker Nowicki Design Studio: Gain a competitive edge

Baker Nowicki uses Revit software in the beginning of a project to build all information and requirements into a model before they start designing.

"The thing that is most beneficial for us is being able to use them all integrated. Using Revit alongside 3D Studio Max allows us to not only design, but document and detail the project."
—Buddy Gessel, Baker Nowicki Design Studio

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