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Create immersive architectural visualisations

Revit® Live cloud service turns Revit and Revit LT models into an immersive experience in one click, helping architects understand, explore and share their designs. 

Revit Live features

  • Powered by the cloud

    Explore your Revit model within minutes with automated data preparation in the cloud.

  • Easy to use

    Turn your Building Information Modelling (BIM) model into an immersive visualisation with a simple workflow. (video: 1.36 min.)

  • Virtual reality–ready

    Take your Revit model into a virtual-reality environment and experience your design. (video: 2.24 min.)

  • BIM smart

    Automatically transfer and access valuable BIM data in your model. 

  • Share your presentation

    Help your client to understand your design by creating a presentation that they can review with you or on their own.

  • Enhance your visualization

    Connect your data to 3ds Max Interactive to improve real-time and VR experiences with animation and new content.

  • Make adjustments

    See the impact of lighting and shadows on your design when you change the time of day or the time of year.

  • Stylise your design

    Apply a unique render style to communicate design intent with project stakeholders and to focus presentations with clients.