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Softimage 2014 features

Autodesk® Softimage® 2014 character animation software offers an enhanced, high-performance creative toolset for artists working in visual effects and 3D game development.

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Character rigging and animation

  • New Camera Sequencer

    Camera Sequencer

    Enjoy directorial control over your scenes (video: 17:45 min.)

  • Skinning, weighting and constraints

    Skinning, weighting and constraints

    Control characters's movement with advanced tools.

  • Face Robot facial rigging toolset

    Face Robot facial rigging toolset

    Quickly and easily rig and animate facial setups. (video: 1.54 min.)

  • Generalised attribute transfer operator (GATOR)

    Generalised attribute transfer operator (GATOR)

    Transfer surface attributes between models.

  • Non-destructive 3D character rigging toolset

    Non-destructive 3D character rigging toolset

    Create a character rig

  • MOTOR animation retargeting

    MOTOR animation retargeting

    Retarget motion capture data onto standard rigs.

  • Audio syncing tools

    Audio syncing tools

    Sync audio with 3D facial animation. (video: 5.54 min.)

  • FCurve Editor and Dopesheet

    FCurve Editor and Dopesheet

    The powerful FCurve Editor in Softimage.

  • Non-destructive 3D animation toolset

    Non-destructive 3D animation toolset

    Streamlined, non-destructive 3D animation workflows.

ICE and dynamic simulation

  • New ICE FX (enhanced)

    ICE FX (enhanced)

    Procedural modelling with ICE. (video: 5:55 min.)

  • New CrowdFX crowd simulation (enhanced)

    CrowdFX crowd simulation (enhanced)

    Create sophisticated crowd simulations. (video: 11.35 min.)

  • Bullet physics for ICE

    Bullet physics for ICE

    Enhanced obstacle collision with Bullet physics.

  • NVIDIA PhysX rigid bodies

    NVIDIA PhysX rigid bodies

    Rigid-body simulations with NVIDIA PhysX.

  • Soft bodies

    Soft bodies

    Deformation-based soft-body simulation.

  • Syflex cloth

    Syflex cloth

    Create highly realistic cloth and flesh.

  • Lagoa Multiphysics

    Lagoa Multiphysics

    Create effects like plastic, liquid and foam.

  • Hair and Fur

    Hair and Fur

    Create long hair, fur, feathers, grass and trees.

3D geometry modelling and texturing

  • High-performance modelling

    High-performance modelling

    Create and edit complex meshes in less time

  • UV texturing

    UV texturing

    UV Unfold helps you create better UV maps. (video: 2.01 min.)

  • Ultimapper and RenderMap

    Ultimapper and RenderMap

    Create 3D game characters, props and environments.

Rendering and compositing

  • Efficient rendering UI and workflow

    Efficient rendering UI and workflow

    Efficient rendering UI and workflow. (video: 2.30 min.)

  • Configurable render passes and channels

    Configurable render passes and channels

    Use configurable render passes and channels.

  • Integrated mental ray rendering

    Integrated mental ray rendering

    Harness the power of the mental ray renderer

  • Compositing, paint and matchmoving

    Compositing, paint and matchmoving

    Enhance and assemble render passes

  • New High-Quality Viewport (enhanced)

    High-Quality Viewport (enhanced)

    Evaluate your work in a High-Quality Viewport (video: 8.11 min.)

Pipeline integration and architecture

  • Single-step suites interoperability

    Single-step suites interoperability

    Use Softimage as part of a suites workflow.

  • Scene management and referencing

    Scene management and referencing

    Manage large amounts of data in Softimage

  • Tool development, SDK and API

    Tool development, SDK and API

    Work with a choice of scripting languages. (video: 1.12 min.)

  • Softimage GigaCore architecture

    Softimage GigaCore architecture

    Handle large data and complex scenes.

  • Pedestrian Crossing interoperability workflows

    Pedestrian Crossing interoperability workflows

    Exchange files using Pedestrian Crossing.

  • New Enhanced FBX support

    Enhanced FBX support

    Improved support for animation data in FBX.