Softimage 2014 features

Autodesk® Softimage® 2014 character animation software offers an enhanced, high-performance creative toolset for artists working in visual effects and 3D game development.

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Pipeline integration and architecture

  • Single-step suites interoperability

    Single-step suites interoperability

    Use Softimage as part of a suites workflow.

  • Scene management and referencing

    Scene management and referencing

    Manage large amounts of data in Softimage

  • Tool development, SDK and API

    Tool development, SDK and API

    Work with a choice of scripting languages. (video: 1.12 min.)

  • Softimage GigaCore architecture

    Softimage GigaCore architecture

    Handle large data and complex scenes.

  • Pedestrian Crossing interoperability workflows

    Pedestrian Crossing interoperability workflows

    Exchange files using Pedestrian Crossing.

  • New Enhanced FBX support

    Enhanced FBX support

    Improved support for animation data in FBX.