Softimage 2014 features

Autodesk® Softimage® 2014 character animation software offers an enhanced, high-performance creative toolset for artists working in visual effects and 3D game development.

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Character rigging and animation

  • Camera Sequencer New

    Maintain directorial control over your scenes, with a new Camera Sequencer toolset.
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ICE and dynamic simulation

  • ICE FX (enhanced) New

    Enhancements to ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) in Softimage 2014 add even more power and flexibility to this open, scalable platform.
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  • CrowdFX crowd simulation (enhanced) New

    Create sophisticated crowd simulations more easily, with enhancements to performance and ease of use in the CrowdFX crowd simulation feature.
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Rendering and compositing

  • High-Quality Viewport (enhanced) New

    Refine your 3D animation content more efficiently. A number of enhancements now provide a higher-fidelity interactive experience:
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Pipeline integration and architecture

  • Enhanced FBX support New

    Exchanging animation data with certain other solutions that support the FBX 2014 asset exchange format is now easier.
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