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Autodesk has software, apps, and free resources for 2D drafting and 2D drawing.

What is 2D drafting and drawing?

2D drafting and drawing is the process of creating and editing technical drawings, as well as annotating designs. Drafters use computer-aided design (CAD) software to develop floor plans, building permit drawings, building inspection plans, and landscaping layouts.

CAD software for 2D drafting can be used to draft designs more quickly and with greater precision, without using stencils and technical drawing instruments. 2D CAD software also allows users to document and annotate drawings with text, dimensions, leaders, and tables.

AutoCAD LT: simplified 2D drafting and documentation

AutoCAD LT 2D CAD software helps you create 2D drawings faster and with more precision. Available for Windows and Mac. Includes the AutoCAD mobile app.

Art & design, and event planning customer stories

From CAD to pop art


Artist Benjamin Pratt creates original pop art, using AutoCAD LT as his sketchbook before hand-painting his creations onto canvas.

Planning events with AutoCAD

AutoCAD LT + AutoCAD mobile

Nteractive delivers large, complex corporate events for up to 12,000 people. Working primarily in 2D, they use AutoCAD LT and Autocad mobile to draft, review and share plans.

AutoCAD: software for 2D and 3D CAD

AutoCAD software for 2D and 3D CAD is engineered for the future. Work with TrustedDWG™ technology, and collaborate across desktop, cloud, and mobile. Includes AutoCAD mobile app.

Free 2D drafting software for students and educators

We are proud to offer students, teachers and academic institutions free 2D CAD software, access to license Autodesk software suites, and provide continuous troubleshooting and support with our learning resources. Autodesk is committed to equipping students with the tools and resources to achieve academic and career success. Use the same 2D drafting software as top professionals around the world.

Free 2D drafting software for non-profits

Are you a non-profit or entrepreneur working to create a positive impact through design? You may be eligible for two licenses to our 2D design suites. Our Technology Impact Program donates 2D CAD software, to organisations that are using design for environmental or social good.

CAD online viewer

View DWG™, DWF™, and DXF™ files for free. Use the Autodesk online viewer to upload and view files in your browser or choose a downloadable viewer.

Drawing for designers: Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a drawing app for creative professionals. Create digital drawings on any device, wherever you are. Sketchbook provides a natural drawing experience, with added accuracy from guides and predictive strokes.

Architecture customer stories

Drawing digitally enables rapid ideation

ESG Architecture and Design accelerates projects by sketching concepts in Sketchbook. Using sketches as underlays in Revit, helps to guide the development of design models.

Pair Sketchbook with other Autodesk software

Draw and iterate underlays | Revit + Sketchbook

Import your Sketchbook illustrations into Revit. Use your Sketchbook file as an underlay, and build your model on top of the sketch.

Learn about Revit

Turn your concept into creation | AutoCAD + Sketchbook

Use Sketchbook to sketch ideas and iterate quickly. Easily import your sketches into AutoCAD and turn them into engineering drawings.

Learn about AutoCAD

2D drafting and drawing resources

Get started with 2D drafting and drawing with these tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks!