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Design a better tomorrow with BIM

BIM for Architecture

Make better design decisions, improve building performance and collaborate more effectively throughout the project lifecycle.

Image courtesy of Nihon Sekkei

Building information modelling technology

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling technology supports architects throughout the design process. Gain more insights earlier in the process to meet your clients’ requirements and deliver projects with improved quality and efficiency.

Courtesy of BNIM

BIM for architects benefits

Benefits of BIM for architects

Make better design decisions earlier in the process with insights into what your design will represent through visualisation, co-ordination, collaboration and analysis tools.

Courtesy of BNIM

Sustainable, energy-positive home created using BIM

See how a local design practice, Geotectura, achieved an energy positive home –one that produces more energy than it consumes.

See how others are using BIM

BIM architecture software

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