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Bridge design workflows as flexible as expansion joints

Bridge design isn’t a single discipline. These simple to highly complex structures involve demands from multidisciplined teams designing different components – from the superstructure to substructure. Efficient bridge design requires a more integrated and collaborative workflow.


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Integrated project workflows

  • Integrate your bridge projects

  • Connect ESRI GIS data to InfraWorks

  • Capture existing conditions in hours, not days

  • Enhance productivity with centralized project data


    With easy-to-understand analysis and 3D design workflows all in one place, you can collaborate and transfer models across project teams. Easily create and adapt your bridge designs while avoiding costly rework and keeping projects on time.


    You can now add ArcGIS content to your InfraWorks model. By using custom stylization of the added GIS attributes in InfraWorks, you can better understand your project, make better decisions, and achieve performance objectives for sustainability and resiliency.


    Accurately capture existing terrain with conceptual, engineering, and cross-section views. With Lidar to design you can inspect all variables, analyze multiple scans in one workflow, and export only what you need.


    Project teams can more easily collaborate with BIM 360 as their common data platform. They can use BIM 360 Docs to publish, manage, review, and mark up valuable project data – anytime, anywhere.

See how customers benefit from BIM


Improving accuracy on 125 interconnected models

LiRo’s VDCO Group used BIM software, including Revit, to move 100,000 drawings to BIM for the East Side Access Project. This helped identify almost 400 errors, saving considerable amounts of rework.


BIM benefits world’s first cross-sea transportation cluster project

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Authority boosted communication efficiency by more than 30% with BIM. Their detailed design workflows and multidisciplinary collaboration on the Revit platform improved decision-making from subsurface and structural design all the way through to construction.

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Bring together the interoperable benefits of Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Revit, ReCap, and AutoCAD with other specialized tools. It can help you improve decision quality, project outcomes, and delivery.


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