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Expert CAD/CAM software

Prepare your designs for manufacture with PowerShape, create 5-axis precision toolpaths to machine parts with PowerMill and inspect finished parts with multiple devices using PowerInspect.

Modelling for manufacture

A modelling for manufacture toolkit. Discover how PowerShape combines the strengths of surface, solid and mesh modelling to prepare moulds, dies and complex parts for manufacture. (video: 1.43 min.)

5-axis machining

Maximise machine efficiency and part quality. Import PowerShape models into PowerMill and create precision high-speed and multi-axis toolpaths for moulds, dies and highly complex components. (video: 1.33 min.)

Inspect manufactured parts

Compare your finished part against the PowerShape CAD data with PowerInspect. Inspect parts on the shop floor, in the inspection room or integrate inspection routines on the machine tool. (video: 1.33 min.)

integrated CAD CAM software

Integrated CAD/CAM software

Fusion 360 eliminates your disconnected design to manufacturing process with a single, integrated CAD/CAM platform.

Communicate with your customers, suppliers and internal stakeholders to get your part manufactured on time, the first time.

  • Easily import files with a comprehensive set of data translators for 50 different file types.
  • Direct edit existing features or model fixtures for the imported model with integrated CAD.
  • Easily share design data or Fusion team functionality.
  • Maintain control of who has access to view, comment and edit on projects.
  • Quickly conduct design reviews with the ability to view project data through a web browser or a mobile device, allowing collaborators to review in real time if they don’t have Fusion 360.

Featured CAD/CAM software

Autodesk CAD/CAM software solutions for design and manufacturing.

Free CAD/CAM software

Autodesk offers free software for qualifying startups/hobbyists, students and educators.


Fusion 360 offers free use to qualifying startups, hobbyists and makers through a 3-step verification process.


We offer free Autodesk software for students and educators. Use the same CAD software as top professionals around the world.

CAD/CAM for production machining

FeatureCAM Ultimate brings together CAD/CAM technology from PartMaker and FeatureCAM for production machining.

Feature recognition

Get feature recognition tools to scan, identify and automatically create machinable features from your design with associative operations, reducing programming time. (video: 2.04 min.)

Multitask machining

Optimise CNC programs for multitasking turn-mills capable of performing both turning and milling operations in a single setup, helping reduce cycle times and maximise profit. (video: 1.30 min.)

Swiss-type lathes

Focused Swiss machining strategies for precision manufacturing give you full control over your Swiss-type lathes based on your tooling, machine tool and volume of production. (video: 1.48 min.)

How is CAD/CAM used?

Magna Advanced Technologies PowerMill and PowerShape CAD/CAM tools

Magna Advanced Technologies

Magna Advanced Technologies produces prototypes and tooling for the highly competitive automotive market. PowerMill and PowerShape enable the firm to design and manufacture complex parts faster while conserving capital expenditure.

See what our customers are doing

SandFlo Golf uses Fusion software

SandFlo Golf Putters

SandFlo golf uses Fusion 360 for end-to-end product development to create customised golf putters. The cloud, collaboration and the community combined enable Johan Sandflo to bring his ideas to life.

CallisonRTKL uses AutoCAD to design Watches of Switzerland flagship store

Watches of Switzerland

CallisonRTKL was enlisted by Aurum – the owner of Watches of Switzerland and other jewellers in the UK – to design the new 3-storey, 17,000 square foot flagship store on Regent Street in London.

CAD/CAM trends

Industry experts CIMdata expect CAD/CAM software demand to increase as manufacturers look to produce better quality products, reduce production times and lower their cost to market. 

CAD/CAM integration

CAD/CAM integration

Trends toward CAD/CAM software interfacing with IoT (US Site), predictive analytics and smart manufacturing technologies are forecast to redefine manufacturing in the future.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is also increasing the demand for CAD/CAM software that enables industrial designers to take advantage of the extra creativity offered by 3D printing.

Cloud-based CAD/CAM

Cloud-based CAD/CAM

Cloud-based CAD/CAM applications such as Fusion 360, combining CNC programming, simulation and design into one cloud-based application, are predicted to accelerate over the next few years.

Resources for CAD/CAM

Get started with CAD/CAM with these tutorials, guides and tips.